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Dawn Simon's historic thriller year stopped unexpectedly before the war description / day

The historic thriller follows the tragic and surreal journey of the legendary anarchist Peter Malder and will be completed in the fall when the actor is recovering and ready for the movie again.

From June 14 in the movie cinevilla shot an army recruitment pictures, as well as an anarchist attack on the bank, and one of the copying of the movie as the main actor Cinevilla on the streets, failed and seriously injured on foot. According to doctors' forecasts, the recovery time may prove to be quite long, so it was decided to stop filming in Latvia, but also to postpone the planned periods in the Czech Republic and continue working in the autumn. The injured actor was transported to Prague Hospital for further treatment on 19 June at night with special medical care.

Movie producer Robert Winnowski says: "This case once again shows how special the film production process is. On the other hand, it requires precise design because of its large human resources and extensive technical resources; unpredictable because unexpected twists and turns can appear at every corner, in our case. will be quite dramatic, but at the moment there is an ambitious redesign, and I would like to thank special leader Ilze Kruminsl and his team, whose shoulders are a huge and complicated situation to resolve the situation. I would also like to thank all the film's participants for their understanding and support, and also thanks to the Riga Second Hospital, trauma and orthopedics hospital and medical center for ARS staff for their professionalism and help in this difficult time! new power. ”

Historical Thriller A year before the war follows the tragic and surreal journey of a young man, Peter Malder, in 1913, just before the First World War, during a time that changed the world. Peter Malder is a true historical personality, one of the most mysterious Latvians in the last century, and the film is based on a plot of conspiracy that Peter tries to solve; The story's various stories also reflect the real events of history, so the main character of the film encounters several well-known historical personalities – Lenin (Lauris Dzelzītis), Freed (Girts Kesteris), Stalin (Eduards Johansons), Trock (Gints Grāvelis) and others. The film is an interpretation of the parallel history of Europe, which tells about the destruction of old culture.

As discussed earlier, the first snow change scenes in Ikšķile and the public uprising on the Riga Castle Square were made at the beginning of this year, when work was continued in different places during the summer shooting in Latvia and in historic buildings – for example, the spiritual session was photographed at Stāmeriena Castle, revolutionary meetings – in the former Bolshevik factory, but the tavern scene is died in Riga Castle. The filmmakers were delighted that the majority of the population in the Latvian regions were interested in participating in mass auditors, including the opportunity to describe Zigmund Freud's role as a naked patient in the hospital. Later Freud, assistant and dresser became the hard-to-recognize actor Ģirts Ķesteris. These scenes are described in the charming garden of the Krimulda Manor.

The creative core of the film is composed by director and scriptwriter Dāvis Sīmanis, operator Andrejs Rudzāts and artist Kristīne Jurjāne – the creative group has a high-quality film in this composition that has received public and professional recognition not only in Latvia but also internationally. Latest Teamwork – Centennial Movie Father's Night – In 2018, filmmakers received the Latvian National Film Award Great Kristaps each in his class: Dāvis Sīmanis the best director, Andrei Rudzate as the best operator and Kristīne Jurjāne as the best artist.

The film producer is Robert Winnowski, the top of the film The locomotive-studio. In 2016, Robert Vinovskim collaborated with the creative team of the year before the war to have a movie Ash sanatorium, who has experienced great public interest and positive criticism. Riga International Film Festival (Riga IFF) jury Ash sanatorium awarded at the festival GRAND PRIX, the film was screened at four A-Class film festivals and received 11 awards as well as eleven nominees and several awards at the National Film Festival Great Kristaps.

A year before the war is a combination of forces in the three-country co-production of locomotives Studio Uljana KIM From Lithuania and Produkce Radim Prochazka From the Czech Republic. The Lithuanian side of the creative team is represented by the artist, the voice director and the composer of the film's main light, while the Czech Republic plays an important role in Petr Buhta and film director Anna Ridnova. The film received financial support from the National Film Center.

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