Get four illegal fishing nets for ventilation – total length 200 meters


Salmon trapped in males.

Salmon trapped in males.

Photo: LETA

Four illegal fishing nets were presented in the Ventspils area of ​​the Ventia area in the Ventspils area tonight. LETA informed the Latvian Fishermen's Association.

Four networks with a total length of 200 meters were removed during the track. Five volunteers, one salmon, eight breaks, two wild boars and one rake are released from the nets and returning back to the water.

One month later, on the second leg of Venta, it was possible to remove three fishing nets with a length of 220 meters. Two flocks, one pike, seven pounds, and one deception are released from them.

The association recalls that, regardless of the fish removal equipment used to keep salmon and plants untouched, inland waterways are banned throughout the year except for Buļļupe, Sausajā Daugavā, Daugava and the places where fish fishing is organized.

On the other hand, keeping the breed is prohibited from 1 October to 30 November, while the trout from 1 September to 30 November and fishing gear of this species is forbidden at all.

Salmon, cucumbers and fish which are considered to be very useful in Latvia, in particular for protected species held during the time or place prohibited in Latvia, and the Forel Strait damages for fishery resources are reduced by EUR 715 per fish and an administrative penalty of EUR 280-700

The current use of electricity in fish production threatens the deprivation of freedom for up to four years.

Although state and public inspectors are currently focusing on the protection of salmonids, surveillance attacks are being carried out in other water bodies, the Latvian Fishermen's Association has warned.


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