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It is safe to say that British actor Keir Naitlie recalls the role of Kolet's rendering in which he carries out each cell with the image of the greatest French writer and completely faces the challenges he faces over the bright and complex personality of Koleta. Sidonia's Gabrielle Kolete wind farms robbed and sometimes robbed their own lives and the whole society as a whole. He was one of the first defenders of French women's rights.

Director Vos Westmorlens ("Always Alice") in the film "Kolete" has decided to reflect on the life of Kolet's first marriage and the writer's trail. Sidonia Gabriele Kolete gets acquainted with the folk music critter and writer Villieu in the spiritual and artistic circles of the Parisian avant-garde of the 1800s and 1900s. According to his husband's view, Colette becomes the spell of the spell, the climactic novel by Clod's rebellious girl. The novel is a striking success, and Kolete tells of several of its sequels. When a talented writer wants his name to appear alongside Villia and is recognized as the author of the works he writes, the husband not only rejects his claim. Dumpin, Colette, has a stubborn spirit to challenge the public perceptions of literature, gender roles, fashion and sexuality.

Keira Naitlia's premiere movie.

The current bi-drama "Kolete" without Keiras Naitlia can be seen by other stunning Actors – Dominion Vest, Elionor Tomlinson ("Poldarks"), Denise Gofu ("71: The Last Soldier") and Fiona Shaw "Fracture".

Promotion of the Collage Biographical Drama.


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