Friday , March 5 2021

Kurucs returned to "networks" against seven points against "Warriors"; Bertas two miles away

Latvian basketball player Rodion Kurucch returned to Brocklyn Nets after having released two goals on Saturday and scored seven points in Goldstein's "Warriors" game over the past two years at the National Basketball Association (NBA), while Davis Bertan threw six points against Houston Rockets on Saturday.

The nets suffered a loss of 100: 116 (30: 36,23: 29,29: 26,22), suspending three sets of wins, but Sanantonio "Spurs" with their 96:89 (20:21, 32:29, 20 : 21, 24:18) was promised to the weak start of the Houston Rockets season.

Currently, kurucs, 20, have been "networked" during the last two games against Phoenix's "Sun" and Denver's Nuggets. Kurucs returned to the field on Saturday and scored seven points in eight minutes. The Latvian basketball player has played two out of three of the three points and the only online. Also in the Kurucs match took two rebounds.

"Nets" came in 24th place with Joe Heres, 14 points for Spencer Dinvid and Shabaz Napier.

Kevin Durant crossed a 28-point warrior with 11 bets, Kevin Cock threw the ball down and Klei Tompson added 24 points. The NBA champions played the match without the two leaders Steven Carrie and Dreimond Grīna.

Although this Nets basketball player started with a 5-0 breakthrough, Warriors took the initiative quickly and in the first quarter the top ten points came to an end. The first semi-final NBA champions reached the top of 12 points (65:53), giving the guests a fairly respectable resistance. True, the second half was not a question of the winner, "Warriors" exceeds 20 points in the fourth quarter. This allowed Kurucam to play in the last eight matches and broke the active performance.

It is noteworthy that exactly Kuruk scored two points he did for 10.5 seconds until the end ended with the results of this match.

In turn, Bertan's "Spurs" played two to five of the top three points for 20 minutes and added two rebounds to his performance, one result, two missed shots, and two memoirs.

27 points "Spurs" was Lamarckes Aldridge with ten rebounds, and Derrick Vait added 14 points. The San Antonio teams were not Po Gasola and Ruddy Geya. In the "Rockets" section, James Harent made 25 points, while Eric Gordon scored 23 points.

Both teams have generally taken an equal struggle, but most of the initiative in this game was the "Spurs" basketball team, which already managed to get ten points in the first quarter. True, then the battle progressed. Bertan came in for the fifth minute, and he had a fairly quick time to make his first trip, while in the second and last time he was in the 3 rd line at the end of the first half, when he gave the home team back to 50:48. In the second half, Bertan missed, and in the fourth quarter he did not appear in the team, but Spurs managed to win.

In the 11th round of the West Conference, the "Spurs" is ranked 7th in the fifth place, while the "Nets" and six wins in 13 matches are still the eighth place in the Eastern Conference's overall competition.

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