On Wednesdays only Latvian places will shine on the sun – Weather

On Tuesday in Liepaja and elsewhere in the Kurzeme in the southwest, clouds shine and the sun shines in Rukava, the temperature of which is +13 degrees higher than November 6. The rest of Latvia is cloudy and cloudy, according to meteorological data.

Also on Wednesday, only places in Latvia – with the highest probability on the Kurzeme sky – are clear. In many places it is expected to be fog, places like fog and spraying rain.

Slowly pump to moderate south wind. Air temperature drops +3 .. + 8 degrees at night, it rises +7 .. + 12 degrees per day.

Riga does not expect significant rain on Wednesday, possibly in the fog. The wind slows slowly and moderately from the south, the southeast and the air temperature is +7 .. + 10 degrees.

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