Friday , February 26 2021

Premiere is the production of Kristin Kruz-Herman by Zentu Maurina

Presentations premiere Zenta Mauriņa, Documentary Dreams will be held at the Central Library of Riga on 21 November at 19:00. Production will be conducted by director and actor Kristīne Krūze-Hermane.

"We will be as big as we want," said Rainis, a friend of Zenta Maurins and a model of literature. These words also accurately describe Zento Moorish himself. The unwilling person wants to live a full-fledged, fulfilled life that wants to create despite the stereotypes of society, despite their disability – Zenta Mauriņa showed that our abilities have no limits. Limitations are just steps towards a more complete existence. It would be good for everyone.

The idea of ​​faith came from reading Zenta Maurinan books. Already started to read, there was a feeling that it would be possible to create an exhibition or film for this excellent person I want to share it with. It was so inspirational! For me, and I also think that everyone has a lot to learn! Senta Mauriņa was a Latvian woman who was born and lived in the early 20th century, who was a wheelchair at the age of five, despite what she wanted to do in her life. Senta Maurina has achieved worldwide recognition in her life, but was not accepted in Latvia during the Soviet Union, it is forbidden. He is still one of the reversed and internationally acclaimed Latvian writers who live in the long, sophisticated and loving life outside Latvia beyond the Second World War, "the characters of the story characters"

Producer Zenta Mauriņa – Documentary: director Kristīne Krūze-Hermane, playwrights Rasa Bugavičute-Pēce, Kristīne Krūze, Actors Lauma Balode, Kaspars Dumburs, Anna Nele Āboliņa, costume designer Jana Čivžele, – Martins Meiers, stage – Dace Sloka, light artist – Julia Bondarenko , producer – Lauma Balode. Consultants – Maija Rolava, Senta Maurina Head of Room at Grobića.

The Riga Central Library's performance schedule is also available on 7 and 15 December at 19.00. The place is the Riga Central Library, on the second floor the readers' hall Brīvības Street 49/53.

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