Scientists: The mysterious interstellar asteroid could have been artificially created – Space – Science


Astronomers called this strange space called Oumaamua, and even though it has long left our solar system, they are still trying to solve the mysterious asteroid.

For example, here is a fact that still does not give peace to astronomers: when Oumumaux left our solar system, it grew faster. This is not uncommon because comets often behave like those – at lower or higher speeds, the gases from their surface are rolled forward. However, it was later found that Oumuama is not a comet. So who made it move faster?

In a recent published study, scientists estimate that it could be sunlight. The group of astronomers at the University of Harvard estimates that it is highly probable that this asteroid is wide enough and the thin sun is flying. Because of this, astronomers have a legitimate suspicion that someone has deliberately created it.

Although the concept of Solar Sail is not a novelty, only now scientists have started experimenting with this concept. Einstein's theory of relativity confirms that light has such an impulse that satellites can use in a particular sail, similar to the use of the sea by wind.

Can Oumaamua sail? Harvard scientists believe this is possible, but it is known that such an asteroid should be very wide and thin (less than millimeters).

Probably the guest of our solar system was not so thin, but it is not clear, as it turned out that its thickness could not be accurately determined.

The study also examines the possibility that an alien will artificially create this asteroid. True, scientists are pretty suspicious of this idea.


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