Swedbank presents the lenders LA.lv


Photo: LETA

Swedbank continued to develop digital services for a European credit plan, told LETA media director Kristina Jakubovska.

He pointed out that in addition to banks' direct bank charges, Baltic customers can get electricity banks from other European banks that provide this function and also send flash bills in the new Swedbank 2019 application.

"Sharp payments can be received regardless of how they are sent, and another bank can now be replaced by Swedbank's new mobile application, Swedbank 2019, which runs parallel to the existing Swedbank application and is a test version for its new version," says Jakubovsky.

Flash bills for Swedbank 2019 are available for both Android and iOS users. Currently, people can make local banks, but over time, this option will be integrated into the new final version of the current application and later on the Internet bank.

The Flashback system is a pan-European real-time platform offered by the European Banking Organization (EBA). Such a system offers the ability to transfer money from one bank account to another bank instantly, at any time from day to week.

LETA has already announced that the Latvian Bank introduced a flash back service at the end of August 2017. So far, the bank "Citadele" and "SEB banka" offered swap payments in Latvia.

According to the size of the funds, Swedbank is Latvia's largest bank.



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