The Great Auzin game gives the Latvians Minsk to hit – Hockey –


The best match for Latvia was the start of the game – with a small success the guests were in the first race. Edgars Kulda shot from a sharp corner by Belarussian goalkeeper Dmitri Milchakov went down, and the goalkeeper's shoulder came to the goal (1: 0). The home team managed to get a free kick home by the home side's keeper, but the head of Janis Auziņš was not very specific. In the middle of the season, the first majority was Latvia. Mārtiņš Dzierkalam had a great chance to put his team ahead, but his attempt was cleared by the bye. Kulda, who alone broke into Milchakov's gate, was also active, but the goalkeeper saved his team after a knock on Kuld's shot.

Later Mikhailov made a serious mistake, but this did not change the goal of Latvian goalies this time. After the gate, the gates tried to defeat the disc defense, but the bike was pushed forward, after which the empty gate Juris Upītis crashed, the truth the Belarusian guards were able to eliminate the danger. A number of very dangerous attacks were delivered to the Belarusians at the same time, but Auzins worked convincingly.

Another third started to swing, but the initiative had moved home. Against several good attacks, Latvia was able to respond. Both goalies worked on the goal. After the Latvian parking error, two attackers attacked Kristaps Jakobsons, but the defender played well and dropped the opponent's reel in the fall. Sochi Shakhtar striker Viktor Turkin tried to hit the target with a beautiful spell and goalkeeper, but Auzin still did not win.

Belarus's pressure grew, and after appealing to Arjom Kislija, Latvia saved the goal by losing the goal. At the end of the offending third-party defeat, it was possible to stop by a long-term attack, and Milchakov fought dangerous shots of Paul Svaran and Edgar Homjakov. Coming in from the right, Wladislaw Adelsson struck home the penalty, as no fouls were in their positions. Three minutes before the end of the second period, the Belarusians finally made their own. In the middle of the season, the visitors were impressed by the drop, followed by a total of four hockey players, but the players got a reel and the third on parachutes was overturned with defender Hugo Janson, who was left in defense, and Auzin and Vladimer Denisov delayed playing the reel with blank paint (1: 1).

At the beginning of the third period, the area still dominates the home, resulting in a very large number of supervisors. Latvian had to play in the minority, but four out of five managed to keep the target unchanged. Later the guests were also the majority. Rudolfs Maslovskis spots Bruno Zabi breaking free from his marker, But surprised: Lieutenant Mlachakov failed to finish. The team of Latvian team coaches also swapped troops. Last minutes were good for both teams, but 20 seconds before the end, Dzierkals got the majority for his team.

Thanks to the extension, the Latvians won four against three hockey opponents. Most of the dangerous shots came to Robert Mamichick and Arthur Salem, but to Milchakov. The Latvian team was much more active in equal parts, but Oskars Batna received nearly a one-minute rejection until the end of the extra time. In the minority, the Latvians played very selflessly, blocking Arthur Sally and Rihard Maren in three attacks during one attack.

The winner of the game needed several post-game shots. Egils Kalns and Rūdolfs Maslovskis had just tried when goalkeeper Jānis Auziņš ran out of all opponents' penalties by winning the Latvian 2: 1 victory, who also won the whole tournament.

Belarus – Latvia 1: 2 PM (0: 1; 1: 0; 0: 0)

gates: 0:51 Kulda (Homjakov, Weight) 0: 1, 36:58 Deņisovs (Gavruss, Feoktistovs) 1: 1, 65:00 Hill (p.) 1: 2.
Penalty: 8: 8
goalkeepers: Dmitri Milchakov – Jānis Auziņš

V Team S U UP ZP Z port P
first Latvia 3 2 1 0 0 10: 3 8
second Belarus 3 2 0 1 0 10: 4 7
3rd France 3 0 1 0 2 6:11 2
4th slovenia 3 0 0 1 2 4:11 1

Latvian team for the EIHC tournament in Minsk:

for goalkeepers: Jānis Auziņš (HK Prizma), Rihards Cimermanis (HK Zemgale / LLU)
security guards: Ralph Freibergs (HC Zlin, Czech Republic), Artur Salii (HK Poprad), Eduard Hugo Jansson (Neftyanik, Russia), Roberts Mamichics (Dinamo Riga), Roberts Kaļķis (HK "Rīga" Pauls Svars (HK "Rīga" Jākobsons ("Zemgale / LLU"), Rihards Ķuzis (HK "Prizma").
the attackers: Edgars Kulda (HC Zlin, Czech Republic), Oscar Batna, Martins Dzierkals, Frank Razgals, Rihards Marenis, Roberts Lipsbergs (all Dinamo Riga), Vladislav Adelsons (Zemgale / LLU), Bruno Zabis (HK Liepaja Juris Upītis, Edgars Homjakovs, Lauris Rancevs (all HK "Kurbads"), Rūdolfs Maslovskis (HK "Mogo"), Egils Kalns (HK "Liepaja").

Euro Ice Hockey Challenge: (Belarus, Minsk)

date time game Rez.
08.11.2018. 13:15 Latvia – Slovenia 4: 1
09/11/2018 14:30 Latvia – France 4: 1
11/10/2018 18:30 Latvia – Belarus 2: 1 (PM)


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