Monday , March 1 2021

Timma, eight points, helps Olympiakos win a convincing victory – Basketball – Sports

"Olympiakos" won the Lavrio team 102: 63 (24:20, 25:17, 28:11, 25:15).

Another Latvian Olympiakos team, Janis Strelnieks, continues to recover from injury and this game was not announced.

Timma played with two doubles and two five triangles in a 15 minute game and 33 seconds in the basket. The Latvian account has two suspended bombs and three notes.

The winner was 16. Nikolai Milutinov.

The second Sunday of the Greek Championship was the loss of the Latvian Republican Roland Freimanis in the "Ifaistos" event, which is 81:89 (11:28, 20:24, 23:19, 27:18), represented by the season for the established "Peristers".

Freiman lasted 18 minutes and 34 seconds on a field where five points were thrown. He understood one of the five points and one of the three dashboards when both threw a penalty shot on Secen's paint. Another Latvian took note of three rebounds, three points and three provocative rules.

In all tournaments, Olympiakos and Peristeri are five in five games, but "Ifaistos", with the top two, is tenth.

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