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Aija Brumermane played 50th Euroleague on Wednesday. TTT fought for ten players – Gunta Bashko and Ieva Kūlīte stayed on the bench due to minor health problems. Kate Krēsliņa was replaced by the top five of the team's most experienced players.

In the Olympic center, the stars again met – WNBA champion Erika de Souza, European Champion Laura Hill and Silvia Domingesa and a few other high-profile players arrived in the Avenida line in Riga.

Start five

TTT: Pedia, powder, chestnut, Vitol, Brumermane
avenida: Dominguez, Eldebrink, Elon, Robinson, Souza

Salamanza had several players who skillfully play in the penalty area – in this regard, the opponents' centers were effectively complemented by Nigerian star Adaor Elon. He played lead at the bottom, led lead to the lead – 4: 8. The Avenida basketballs also managed to survive the attackers (9-16 in the first quarter, attack 3-6), reaching other chances (2-6). TTT attacked basketball aggressively in small and long players, but a quarter was inaccurate. The series of unprotected throws and Aija Putniņa's two points from the base of the car led to a "owl" breakthrough – 12:18.

During the first ten minutes, the team did not get into either of the six clubs home – a four-man house, two guests. The temples were repaired by Shaykh Pediat. His three points were beaten by Rigans during the dry season but remained the only match for four minutes – 15:22. At the same time, Aija Putniņa felt comfortable in her known hall. Four points for the second quarter and Avenida's dominance rose slowly – at 17.25. Ten minutes in the middle Ieva Pulvere and Šeja Pedija threw two laps in a row – 23:25. Protection of the TTT area completely stopped Salamanca's attack and the breakthrough continued. Kristīne Vītola cast four out of four free opinions, Kate Krēsliņa performed the fourth time in the fourth quarter. Rigans got 11 points in a row – 28:25! Erika stopped the series of "breaks" failures, but the last in a row to Aija Brumermans – 32:27.

During the semi-volley, the summit of power in the fight was already in line (22-25, attack 7-10). The number of errors is almost identical (6-5), but at three points the big TTT (4/9 to 0/7) was thrown. Sheja Pedia ten minutes 10 points. Kristina Vitola followed eight points, Katei Krēsliņai scored five points. The defenders are Aija Putniņa and Erika de Souza six points, two less Adaor Elonia and Silvia Dominges.

In the second half of the game, the hosts found several bombs in the attack, repeatedly opposed them and reduced the limit to the minimum – 32:31. Aija Brumermane scored two points, but Salamanca's breakthrough continued. A small "postman", Adaora Elonu, was again in the penalty area, Erika worked well, but 25 minutes Elin Eldebrinkai first point – 34:43. To limit Avenida's rapid counter-attacks three long players – Brumermane, Vitol and Slotere – drove at the same time. Two points in seven minutes – so modest was the TTT attack in the attack. Shejs Pedius set a zero point, but Eldebrinka and Domingesa responded a long way – 38:49. Within half an hour to get Pedia and Sloter found their way to the basket, but Hill was able to meet – 42:51.

At the beginning of the decisive quarter, visitors would rank each TTT error and continue the exact throwing of the game. Avenida players received a 16 point lead (42:58), but in the next rounds, they responded to each basket. Five minutes before the end of the lead ended only the theoretical chance to win – 46:62. The most important thing was to reduce the gap – it succeeded. One minute and 57 seconds before the end of the main event, Silvia Domingesa received a nonportative note in an attack. Aivija Slotere threw both free kick but ended the ball without a score of 52: 62. Carlin Pilabbere went into the area, but Salamanca's supremacy rose again – 52:66. Kristiina Vitol, who stopped the landfill, missed the distance away, but 21.2 seconds before the finals, one of the freemasons twice carried by Ieva Pulvere – 56:66.

Group B, November 7, "Elektrum" Olympic Center

TTT Riga – Perfumes Avenida 56:68 (12:18, 20: 9, 10:24, 14:17)
TTT: Willow 19 (2p 6/12, 3p 1/4, 1p 4/4, 5ab, eff 19), Pedia 14 (2p 4/8, 3p 2/7, 4rp, 3ip), Slider 8, Brumermane 6) Chest 5, powder 4 (4ab, 6rp, 4ip), Rosenberg (2pc, 5pp), eglitti (3ab), Pilabbere; Mote. Bashko, Kulyite.
avenida: Domingesa 16 (2p 5/6, 3p 1/1, 6rp), Souza 12 (11ab), Eldebrinka 9 (4rp), Ellen 8 (7ab, 5pp), Hila 7 (7ab), Birdman 6 , 3p 0/2), Robinson 5 (11ab), Guevens 5, Villaverde; Arroyo.
Judges: Anastasios Manos (Greece), Marion Ortis (France), Alexander Romanov (Russia).
Commissioner Andres Tobi (Estonia).

Statistics. TTT 56, Avenida 68

Matches from the game: 22/64 vs. 29/64
2p: 17/42 vs. 26/50
3p: 5/22 vs. 3/14
1p: 7/12 vs. 7/12
AB: 33 (10/23) vs. 47 (14/33)
RP: 18 vs. 18
CI: 11 vs. 13
PB: 6 vs. 7
BM: 1 vs. 3
Personal Notes: 15 vs. 16
Score in error: 7 vs. 11
Transparency points: 6 vs. 4
Points in the penalty zone: 26 (13/31) vs. 40 (20/39)
Second Chance Score: 9 vs. 12
The top five: 48 vs. 50
Reservations: 8 vs. 18

Group B November 7

# Team U-Z +/-
1 Dynamo Kursk 3-0 28
2 avenida 2-1 10
3 Fenerbahce 2-1 5
4 Carol Basketball 2-1 -4
5 Sopron Basket 1-2 8
6 Hatay 1-2 -6
7 TTT Riga 1-2 -10
8 Olympiakos 0-3 -31

Third round, November 7th

Group time game Result
16:00 Nadezhda – UGMK 51:80
B 18:00 Olympiakos – Dynamo Kursk 67:73
B 18:30 Fenerbahce – Sopron Basket 69:67
20:00 USK Praha – Bourges
20:00 CCC Polkowice – Castors Braine
B 20:00 Carol Basket – Hatay 90:79
B 20:00 TTT – Avenida 56:68
21:00 Villeneuve d`Ascq – Famila Schio

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