After conciliation … Is there an alliance?


Leader of the Lebanese Party, Samir Geagea, and the Al-Marda Movement Sleiman Franjieh's mediation meeting is closer than ever before and has been linked to the cessation of certain very small logistical details and the creation of the best security conditions. Opportunity to protect both persons concerned. What information about the upcoming meeting is available?

Firstly: The meeting is held under the Bkirk jacket and its direct protection and at the highest levels for more than one reason, including the granting of an accord to cover the religious dimension and the desired maroniite book. After the meeting was held at the beginning of the meeting, he spoke of his presence in the Patriarchal Maroniite patriarch Byrki, eventually discussed in a North Convent, especially as this arrangement includes a dark historical page that was explicitly obtained in the northern province and which led to the distribution of Christians in this area for many decades. And the prospect of not holding a meeting in Bker is also due to allegations that the location is between both sides of the geographic location because the patriarchal building is very close to Maarab's "troops" leader and "Maradan". It is certain that the security factor ultimately decides on the final location of the meeting without excluding the geographic location in the last minute for security reasons.

Second, mediation focuses on the termination of the unequal situation between the two parties, which will open up the restoration of normal relations with the chance Forces- and within the framework of the Marida-party political communication and not only the parties and supporters of social communication level. General ideology, political vision of local and regional issues, relations with Syria and other issues. Therefore, reconciliation is primarily conscientious and as little as possible in political agreement, but there are no commitments or political points that unite both sides, not only through open politics, dialogue and communication, and accept the freedom of political action.

Thirdly, there are no projects to coordinate future elections between the "troops" and "al-Marda", where both parties are likely to be elected for election purposes, even if the parliamentary elections are still far away and time factor is likely to lead to possible changes. assumed. Recalls that the results of the last parliamentary term showed that the "troops" and "Marada" are the two most important constituencies in the region, about one-third of each vote, while the other three are divided into third parties, Firstly, the "Independence Movement" and the "Syria National Socialist Party". Therefore, there is no common interest in the operation between the "forces" and the "al-Mardan" because he does not add any substitute to any of them if we admit that political differences have been crossed to join the electoral alliance.

Fourth: Both "Forces" and "Al-Marda" ensure that their reconciliation is not directed at any political party and is not intended to obey any aspect, nor is it targeted at the free patriotic movement, Basilea. Notwithstanding all the declarations to be reported in this context, this reconciliation can not only affect the general course of the present relations and the "forces" and "abandonment" of current relationships. It is certain that al-Baiq al-Zoghartawi is trying to remove a major obstacle to his presidential election, which is Geagea's response, which has had an important impact on the modification of the recent presidential election, and Hizbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah. For his part, al-Hakim wants to have the "last word" for the election of the most important candidates in the upcoming presidential elections if local circumstances and regional balances do not allow the president to fight personally to fight. And Franjieh.

Fifthly, Geagea and Franjieh ensure that their political and strategic position is secured by permits and positions that reassure the allies and strengthen their persistence in accordance with the general political principle. On the other hand, some "forces" and "al-Marda" political opponents are trying to counteract mediation in "media chunks" while other political forces are expected to take action to strengthen their relations with certain political resources. Considering alternative options in response to both "troops" and " convergence, which is not in the interest of many parties who wanted to remain in the case of hostility between the parties.


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