Wednesday , March 3 2021

Aroos Beirut Series, Episode 75, complete with video, Thuraya reveals Fares’ betrayal and who is his lover

The Beirut Bride series is one of a series of interesting events, as the series began in the first part that Soraya loved Fares and married, contrary to her mother’s wishes, and until she continued to interact with many people who did not want her marriage because the first part of the series ended in Beirut saying Soraya and Faris separated after the accidents that had aroused with him through Khalil and his brother Adam.

Aroos Beirut Series, Second Season, Episode 75

Yara sends a bouquet of roses to Faris in Fulah, so Soraya is surprised by this situation, but Fares justifies him as head of internal relations. When Yara sees Fares in his health, he is very happy and notices Soraya, which arouses his anger and makes him suspect Fari and Yara. And you want to watch them.

Where Khalil arranges food for the airlines and starts working very seriously and starts not caring about Mirna, even though he felt he loved his brother Fari, he didn’t know him.

Beirut Bride 75

The events of Episode 74 end with Yara coming into the company until Talal sees him and asks him the reason for his visit after Fares told him you won’t come to the company until Faris interrupts. Yara tells Talali that she will work for the company and make offers to the airline. New agreement with Fares and Khalil Company.

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