Wednesday , March 3 2021

At the American invitation, Sudan will attend an energy summit attended by the Arab world and Israel

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Yesterday (Thursday), Sudan attended an energy ambassador meeting demanded by America, which includes Arab countries in addition to Israel.

Khartoum – Sputnik. In a statement issued Friday, Sudanese Chief Energy and Mining Minister Khairy Abdel Rahman revealed the arrangements for the meeting and explained that US Secretary of Energy Dan Brouillett was coordinating the meeting and said: “The US Department of Energy invited us to the embassy meeting using visual software technology.”

He explained that the meeting was held last night, Thursday, and was attended by Egyptian, Bahraini and Moroccan energy ministers as well as the US Minister of Energy and the Emirate Minister of Energy, who chaired the meeting and called it the Abraham Energy Initiative in the Middle East and North Africa.

Khairy thanked the U.S. Secretary of State for Sudan’s first involvement since his age, and Khairy saw the step as a major change that will serve Sudan and confirm its return to the free world from a very important contribution, which is energy.

The Minister responsible expressed Sudan’s satisfaction with the initiative and said: “We have seen a regional electricity interconnection initiative focusing on improving the current connection with Egypt and Ethiopia and the possibilities for increasing it in the future.”

He explained that the electricity interconnection projects being prepared by Sudan were looked at and called on America and the Gulf countries to invest in and support them as a fast-track solution to serve Sudan by covering the electricity deficit and setting up new power generation units.

He announced that it had been agreed to exchange projects serving regional and international connections, as well as energy projects in general, which drive a number of investments in neighboring countries.

It is noteworthy that Sudan joined the Middle East Abraham Peace Agreement on 6 January in Khartoum with the signature of Sudanese Justice Minister Nasredd Abdel Bar and US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin.

The United States eliminated Sudan from among state sponsors of terrorism in mid-December, after Sudan agreed to start relations with Israel alongside each Emirate and Bahrain.

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