Saturday , February 27 2021

Google is probably trying to get rid of Nest's brand by the new report

Google will probably try to get rid of its Nest brand in a new report when Naseem News mentions our email we've released to you. Google probably tries to get rid of the Nest brand. According to a new report, Google is probably considering getting rid of the Nest brand under a new report. New News Today through our news release and starting the top news, Google will probably be getting rid of the Nest brand under a new report.

Nest is a well-known trademark associated with smart home products such as security cameras, thermometers, and smoke detectors. However, it seems that, despite the popularity of this trademark, Google seems to be considering abandoning it.

According to a new report recently released on Google's 9to5 website, referring to a source that told him that Google was in the midst of conversation with the change Nest brand. It is not clear why Google changed its brand Nest, but suggested that the company's products were merged into a single brand as one of the reasons why the company wanted to develop their brand and products as part of a Google group that shares the brand with Made By Google.

The Nest brand has made management level changes on several occasions. The company was independent before obtaining Google. He later moved to Google as an independent Alpha company, which is also Google's parent company, but later moved to Google to promote the company's business.

"By working together, we combine hardware, software and services to create safer, smarter and more environmentally friendly homes, while saving money," he said, creating the Google and Google Assistant as an artificial intelligence core. "He said.


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