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"I fear not our Lord and my children, which is our Lord"

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Posted by امير فتحي on Friday 9 November 2018 03:39 –

Zain Al Omar

Zain Al Omar

Zain Al Omar

Zine Al Omr announced his decision to move to Canada with his family

In detail, artist Zein Al-Omar of a series of tweets saying, "After a lot of thinking came to an end. The first thing I apologize to anyone who made me everything you wrote about my life."

"I have long dreamed of Bahbin home country more than my life, I have sacrificed my whole life Lebanese particles, I lost all of my life, worshiped Lebanon, but since I do not see anything changing, I decided to return to Canada with my children.

He continued in the second spark: "For I fear not my Lord and my children, which is our Lord, by division, by anger, and by anger,

"Thanks to all friends, we are happy to communicate with each other, everyone's love for everyone, and this is the last joke."

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