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Mohammed Rajab reveals his relationship with "Call Night Amr" … Masrawy

Mohammed Rajab reveals his relationship "call me and amr"

04:38 PM

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Books – Mohamed Magdy:

Mohamed Ragab has refused rumors about his preparation for a new movie called "Called Amr Amr".

"Rajab," he is preparing a new job, is a surprise to the public, announcing full details in the coming days after the completion of the final reports. "

Nowadays, the theater artist Mohammed Ragab "Bickia" is the latest work and spins around an Egyptian scientist who has been disguised as a "Robabek" journalist to end a serious scientific research that runs away from the drug mafia leaders.

Ahmed El Sabk, Mohammed Ragab, Aiten Amer, Mohamed Lotfi, Ahmed Halawa, Samia Trabelsi, Badria Tolba, Shaima Saif and Mohammed Samir Mabrouk.

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