Antakalnion street repairs: It took three years, but the picture is delighted


The Antakalnio street, 3.6 km long, was returned to Vilnius when the capital announced.

In October, over 2 km of Antakalnis street from Šilė bridge to the Antakalnis, T. Kosciuska crossroads was reconstructed: new pavement was made, replaced by road holes, pavements of new pavements, entrances to the inner courtyard of many apartments, drainage drainage from rainwater and updated entries.

"Today, urban and urban people can already enjoy the completely renewed Antakalnio street, and in three years we have completely rebuilt the Antakalnis street, which offers more than 50,000 people every day to the city center every day, and we will not continue to do so on the streets, yards, "said Mayor of Vilnius, Remigio Šimašius.

In September, the Antakalnis street section of about ten kilometers was renovated from Žolinja to Šilo street – a new sidewalk, roadside changes, new sidewalks installed, passageways for the multi-apartment courtyard, rainwater wells and updated entries.

In spring, about a hundred peppers and shrubs and trees are planted in the restored Antakalnis street.

Two years ago the Antakalnis street was renovated from the Nemencine motorway to Žolyno Street. The Vilnius municipality granted about 2 million LTLs for reconstruction of the Antakalnio street. EUR.

The street rehabilitation was arranged by the Šilo bridge connecting the Antakalnis and Žirmūnai districts: the new bridge length (about 200 m), an updated entry. For over two decades, the capital has given some 100,000 free space to repair the unmanaged bridge. EUR.

At present, Vilnius also manages Laisvės pri., Ukmergė, Pelesa, Džiaugsmo, Paneriai, Siberia, Markučiai and other capital cities.

This year, the capital city was set up for a city of up to 80 kilometers and some 10 kilometers – the gravel roads with a record high of 27 million. EUR. It's up to 4 million more than last year: 16 mln. Euro – city budget, more than 11 million. Euro – National Road Maintenance and Development.


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