Court: Judge who has used his acquaintance is judged correctly


Old settled magistrate Virginia Kazlauskienė has done enormous amounts of intangible damage to the state, so his actions can not be recognized as official or disciplinary offenses reported by the Supreme Court of Lithuania.

When V. Kazlauskienė of Šiauliai was informed that the question of the arrest of his son was settled in court, he took advantage of his visit to another judge. Speaking on the phone, he hinted at asking him to take his son.

"The request that a second judge should not impose a detained boy to be justified by a catechist for the mother's treatment is inconsistent with the duty of each judge not to take advantage of his position in order to influence the decisions of other persons without the benefit of himself, his family members, relatives his office and avoid conflicts of interest and act so that there is no doubt that such a contradiction is not to use his personal interest duties to exercise his duties, powers and names to influence the decisions of other persons that would cause a conflict of interest ", – the High Court stated.

Despite Mr Kazlauskyen's request, his son was arrested. Then the media reported that the judge's son was suspected of an organized criminal group whose members, as one police officer, robbed businessmen from the town and district of Šiaulian.

The petition's excuses complained of excessive media in her case.

The Supreme Court held that the relevant interest was also related to the duties of officials of the second judge, Mr Kazlauskyne, even though he used an official position on the decision of a favorable procedure to his family member undoubtedly reduced the confidence of the citizens not only in person but in addition to their judge in objectivity, openness, honesty also raises serious doubts about the whole legal system.

V. Kazlauskiene and two other colleagues from the Special Research Forum (STT) received in 2011. At that time, suspected bribery was filed against the Telšiai District local court. However, this issue has not been finalized until now when the Supreme Court has issued a final and unresponsive decision.

The Kaunas District Court initially dealt with the matter, and the Court appealed it on several occasions. The courts changed, the judges were convicted and the judges were sentenced. The Supreme Court will examine it in 2016.

V. Kazlauskienė has been handed over to the court by several abuses, with the gift of another judge. Bribery has ended after the expiration of the limitation period as a result of the prosecution of the abuse and is released without any fault. The cases were suspended and the judges sat with Mr Kazlauskie.

In February this year, the Lithuanian Board of Appeal replaced the Kaunas district court judgment in 2014 and the condemnation of V. Kazlauskienen and sentenced him a new sentence.

V. Kazlauskiene was fined EUR 7532 and ordered him to pay the state budget within one year.

The omission complained of being punished twice because the Lithuanian Board of Appeal ordered another penalty in February this year – a fine. V. Kazlauskin was sentenced to one sentence of one year and five months imprisonment and his imprisonment was suspended for one year. This sentence was not final until the case was investigated, the judge made an arbitrary punishment and the new sentence was a new fine – a fine.

The Supreme Court held that V. Kazlauskienė, even though he was a lawyer, and when he understood that the judgment concerning the termination of imprisonment had been annulled, did not require further discharge of the obligations on the competent authorities (probationary period) and did not appeal to the courts or other institutions.

According to the court, monetary fine is right and corresponds to the purpose of the sentence.


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