Saturday , February 27 2021

"Klaipėda bus service" opens up innovation

"In the field of air pollution, many European countries are trying to give up the diesel engine for public transport in the next 10 years, known manufacturers looking for technical solutions in addition to hybrid electric motors and experimenting with fuel-efficient alternatives," says Vaidas Ramanauskas, CEO of KLAP.

Scania and UAB SG dujos, a Scandinavian test company operating in Klaipeda streets, meet the highest ecological standards – the Euro 6 standard. This bus has no passengers, but simulates work in real conditions. The bus is weighted, driving space and equipment for combustion processes.

"For drivers and service technicians, this is an opportunity to" seize "the future technologies and familiarize themselves with technical innovations, and this test is also in line with the city's and park's development strategy – aiming for more environmentally friendly traffic," said Ramanauskas.

KLAP is considered to be the most environmentally friendly public transport company except in the harbor city and throughout Lithuania. For the first time, Klaipėda used environmentally friendly, pressurized natural gas tanks for the transportation of city passengers. At present, more than half of the KLAP buses in the harbor city are currently fueled. With the European Union financial support reform project, next year, the company will buy 17 new gas and two electric buses for city passenger traffic.

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