Wednesday , March 3 2021

More often cold and complications can be caused by stress

Dr. Dainius Vieder says people who are experiencing constant tensions are more likely to endanger not only the diseases that can be cured, but also the possible complications. He explains that long-term stress often affects sleep, which greatly affects the body. It also has a significant impact on how people face stress.

"There is no way to anticipate that alcohol can help solve stress, it not only helps solve problems, but also adversely affects immune processes and increases the risk of disease." Important and inadvertent movements during stress such as a pencil or pencil during the cold period will increase the likelihood of infection " , the pharmacy says.

Dangerous for everyone

The pharmacist states that young and middle-aged people suffering from pregnancy are the ones who suffer the most from these days. However, he did not hurt children or seniors, especially those of these age groups, the effects of stress are the most dangerous.

"Seniors are the most susceptible to infections, and therefore the increased risk of complications can be particularly dangerous for them, especially for chronic illnesses. Stress in children is worrying not only because of reduced immunity and more frequent colds, it is important to remember that babies are very sensitive and stress can affect psychological health development, "says Eurovaist's pharmacy.

Also other age groups should not be forgotten. According to a pharmacy specialist, although healthy middle-aged people can easily cope with cold, the body's ability to fight tumor cells can also be reduced in the event of long-term stress and stress may have a negative effect on the cardiovascular system.

Positive thinking and rest

To avoid cold, you should learn to manage stress, try to relax, think positively. The Eurovision pharmacist says there is no need to wait for lightweight results, but the body's ability to protect against viruses can naturally ultimately limit significant benefits. Group B vitamins and herbs can be helpful.

"The stability of the nervous system can be enhanced with a vitamin B complex that can be added to excitatory herbal extracts, useful for passion fruit, Melissa, chamomile or oatmeal," says D. Wieder.

She recalls that sleep quality is very important in body condition. If anxiety disturbs the quality of sleep, endless thoughts endure – in the evenings, soothing combinations of hops, dandelion and valerianum with stronger suppressive effects can be used.

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