Wednesday , April 14 2021

Naomi Campbell grabbed a 67-year-old mother in Christmas dress: looks like peers. | the names of

The campaign that has become the movie "Close Your Eyes and Think of Christmas" is amazing this year with new celebrities.

Actors Kristin Scott Thomas and Mattis Smith and singer M.I.A appeared on Naomi Campbell's and her mother's campaign.

This campaign was directed and photographed by a British artist and photographer, Juno Calypso, who has met extraordinary views of the British Christmas model and rituals created by different people. Unpredictable British weather or a delayed train for a Christmas dinner and the whole family – Juno Calypso lenses recall this all.

VIDEO: Close your eyes and think of Christmas

"It is a great honor to be once again Burberry – especially solemn in advertising, which has already become a kind of tradition, everyone is waiting for them, I've always loved Burberryia because of the exceptional British style, so I am honored to work with such a fine group, part of which is also my mother Valerie this. The presence reminded many pleasant moments of the past, the excuses of childhood, "commented Naomi Campbell.

Burberry / Photo: Juno Calypso / Nami Campbell and Mother Valerie Morris-Campbell

Burberry / Photo: Juno Calypso / Nami Campbell and Mother Valerie Morris-Campbell

And her mother's model on the anthrin model – it's just clear where Naomi inherited enviable genes.

"Last night, Naomi, he pictured four years ago, so it's fun to come back to a photo session with her." I always look at my daughter and admire her expertise and experience, so Burberry's advertising is very pleasant to me, "said the supermodel.

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