Tuesday , August 3 2021

Nijolė Narmontaitė came in the evening, supported by a famous actor group

On Monday night, legendary Lithuanian film, television and theater performer Nijolė Narmontaitė invited the writer to present a mysterious theater background. This is the fourth author's book, "Actors, Artists and Performers. What the viewers did not see".

The book's focus is on an invisible theatrical festival – seam workers whose work has often been unnoticed and not fully appreciated.

According to the author, the latest book is opposed to life itself, so readers find the tears and laughter of the readers who make the story of the ring.

"If there are wonders in the world, they will go to the theater," once told the famous Russian actress and director Konstantin Stanislavsky. There are a lot of extra events in the theater – this can be confirmed by their latest actress Nijolė Narmontaitė's book "Actors, Artists and Scenic Workers". What the viewers did not see. "The writer's" Alma Letters "writes humor and irony, not only telling the biographies of actors, but also revealing the colorful characters of invisible theatrical performances.

"I have written many discussions on different destinies, elämänfilosofioista and the characters. And yet, the most successful stories can keep those stories in which the interviewees are bold and do not care about themselves. After all, the ability to laugh at itself is one of the strongest human characteristics," said the actress who has already made the fourth book .

N. According to her affirmation, the latest part of the series "What the audience did not see" is as controversial as life itself. In this book, readers find stories of tears and loud laughter. The author recalls that the idea of ​​recording these stories was constantly behind the scenes when he heard the words of colleagues: "I have always wondered why no one has yet written such funny stories Why not talk about the theater life of playfulness and irony?"

The actor finds that he has so many people that he would like to talk about writing for the next few years. In his most recent book, the author shares famous actors such as Kęstutis Alčauskis, Larisa Kalpokaitė, Algirdas Latėnas, Vytautas Paukštė, Giedrius Savickas, Ineta Stasiulytė, Antanas Venckus and other stories.

"My discussions with my colleagues gave birth to beautiful and profound insights, and I wanted to reveal how wonderful artists look, to understand the moment they visited the show," N. Narmontaitė invades.

Of course, the actor says that the book is also focusing on the theatrical prospect – the specific garment and stage terms that work often misses and completely underestimated.

"I call these heroes to be great theatrical performances, after all, they do not like the joy of the performed performance, do not enjoy the applause and the praise, so I wanted to pay attention to things that remain on stage and thank their love for the theater," the actor says.

Despite the purpose of the glamor, an actress who knows no humor both in life and in his books reveals that he loses his positivity in the contemporary theater. N. According to his assertion, the theater nowadays often creates a pessimistic view of the historian, and does not allow the opportunity to break away from the gray daily routine.

"It's a shame, but the theater has a lot of dark colors and difficult themes, of course, such performances are needed, but for me the theater is light, so it would be desirable to have as much light as possible, I want a theater environment, Actors and performances to inspire people and give hope, says N. Narmontaitė.

Nijolė Narmontaitė – famous actress and writer of Lithuanian theater, film, television. He is named the best drama player for the Golden Stage Cross. For almost four decades, N. Narmontaitė exhibited his exhibition technique at the drama theater of the Šiaula, at the national Kaunas drama theater, in the Lithuanian national drama theater and played several TV movies and series. He has written and published four parts of the comic book "What did not see the viewers".

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