Saturday , July 24 2021

The companion member "saves" the owners of dogs: the pets are counted in minutes

"An initial version was produced that raised a great debate about society, especially with regard to noise and minutes, the original version, but the final version no longer had minutes," says the winner of the DELFI Day award, P. Chimbar.

However, he clarified that there was a proposal to assess animal noise.

"Everyone thinks – this is when my puppy drinks, and now the police scream." That is not the case. This applies to malicious people who do not misuse animals that use animals adversely to their neighbors, "said Chimbar.

MP defended himself to be the death of animals.

"Everyone thinks I do not really love pets, but I really love animals, and I like two pets, these pets read, but I live in a house in a farmhouse, they have to get up at night, but the animals are drowning, they know the team, and if you say a word they close .

The problem is many buildings, especially in large cities. A resident takes an animal and goes to work, there are options that leave on the balcony. If he gets used to his dad, he's hard or busy all day. Neighbors can not withstand ", said Chimbar.

DELFI recalls that Seima has been proposed to deal with fauna in residential buildings. Mr P. Chimbar, Member of the Social Democratic Party of Lithuania, registers changes in the rules on noise management and administrative offenses.

According to the draft project referred to above, "no person under the responsibility, supervision, supervision or surveillance of the animal shall cause or allow the animal to cause unreasonable noise, including without limitation the voices clearly visible to the residential property affecting the noise: continuous 10 minutes or more 7 hours 22:00, continuously for at least 5 minutes at 10.00 o'clock, or to be listened intermittently for more than 30 minutes in 3 hours. "
There are no more minutes in the current version.

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