Thursday , June 17 2021

The ECB has chosen a new Banking Supervision Manual

The ECB has approved the appointment of A. Enri the following year under the supervision of banking.

Enrique will take over Daniel Nouy and lead a joint control system (BPM) to ensure the supervision of euro area 118 banks. 21 trillion European banking sector is recovering from the global economic crisis and faces new challenges for technological development.

Mr A. Enria has been President of the European Banking Authority (EBA) since 2011. Former Italian banking supervisor A. Enria is known politically neutral. A. Enria repeatedly opposed the extensive use of loans in small companies in their home country in Italy.

Although the ballot papers of the Governing Body of the ECB are secret, Reuters sources say that the Italian central banks and other central banks of southern Europe supported Enriot. They disagree with Stonest S. Donnery's policy in Cyprus, Greece, Portugal and Italy.

"If the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union endorse the appointment of Mr A. Enri, he will start administering the Banking Supervision Committee from 2019 on January 1," the ECB report says.

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