Monday , August 2 2021

The incidence of influenza and colds continues to increase

During the 46th week of this year (12-18 November), Lithuania's disease deficit rate and AMD prevalence were 65.1 percent. of the population. Last year (2017) at the same time the patients were similar – 60.2 atv./10 thousand. of the population.

During the 46th week of this year, the minimum frequency of influenza and HIPC was registered in the administrative area of ​​Šiaula, which is Kaunas's largest administrative district.

Last week, two people were hospitalized due to Lithuania's entire influenza. Of these, one person is up to 17 years of age, one is an adult.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes vaccines as the most effective flu-specific preventive device. The vaccine prevents influenza and its complications. Immunization with this particular influenza vaccine is the most effective way of preventing the flu.

It is recommended that the influenza vaccine be vaccinated during the fall / winter period because human antibodies fighting the influenza virus lasted about two weeks.

Which risk groups are recommended for each influenza season?

  • 65 years old and elderly;
  • pregnant women;
  • persons resident in social and medical care facilities;
  • persons with chronic cardiovascular disease, respiratory organs, kidney disease, chronic immune system disorders, malignant tumors;
  • healthcare workers

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