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V. Emanuel: I'm dizzy all the colors of life

"I think I do not yet understand what happened," former Mango actor Victoria Emanuel recalled Mango's 20th anniversary. True, now "the former" can be called a conditional – it has recently been announced that Victoria will again be in the ranks of the group. The roots of emigration when they arrived in the city said that this magical turning point in life was the Mango magic.

Great love is rusty

For some time, Victoria takes Rima Petrauskytė-Paulauskyen, a short moment of maternity leave.

"I was asked – and I did not see it for a long time," yes ", it was also a spontaneous concept of group producers and my own initiative decision. I knew it would be temporary and while in London I have my life it is not difficult to reconcile work here and concerts in Lithuania ", – tells the conversation partner.

Just a few months ago, Victoria's career as a casino manager has changed from her favorite activities in the field of beauty, and now she is busy with micropigmentation of eyebrows and is happy to work for herself. In the near future, a performer who has fascinated the vision of her teenager hopes to have her dream come true as a professional visitor.

"Mango" is my great love.

"I did not mention the current return of the group, because it is a break from the routine of everyday life, and, of course, because I have left the Mango Group for 10 years and it was one of the most beautiful years in my life – the 17th century almost 30 years, I have grown up with this band and learned a lot from him "Mango is my great love," spy scout.

It works and is

Victorian claimed that his financial questions were not of primary importance to him at Mango, but now.

"I have only had the opportunity to do a concert with Mango, I am satisfied feeling. I do well, I am doing well and I can do a lot of work, I have to act very, very ed most, I have more," says the performer.

Indeed, when he decided to leave Lithuania, Viktorian did not have to cope with the most challenging year.

"It was a difficult phase in my life, more personal experiences, I felt bad, I did not know how to go but back." Then I told myself that I was going anywhere or thinking, I went to England without work or any place of residence. I'm talking to a friend in a bar, a bar manager arrives and asks if this new employee is here? I say yes, and on the second or third day I picked up the pallet in my hands, – memory spy chat.

The Klaipeda man admits that it is strange that he hears that the farmers who are in service are constantly breaking off – they are dishonest, angry and jealous.

"At least the community I speak of is a wonderful, friendly, creative and hard-working man. The Lithuanians helped me a lot, and probably because I came here, it was difficult for me," Victoria says.

And panic and euphoria

Ninety years ago, a resident of London, not only enjoyed the job, but also a successful personal life, met six years ago with his potential husband Paul, with whom he married a couple of years ago in his hometown.

"I left at that time it seemed like a fog, and only now I can say that it was one of the best life decisions, because I am happy today, it is not enough for me, and now I'm back with mango fruit, everything is fine, all the colors of life." – spy conversationalist.

A migration that returned to Lithuania more than once a year because of this new activity, to the delight of his family and friends, his luggage is more often born.

True, Victoria does not deny that going back to the scene was not just filled with joy and euphoria.

"When I was back in January and with the girls I had appeared in MAMA awards, I felt I was not going to endure excitement when the ten-year break was not a joke, I forgot what it was, I forgot how to communicate with journalists, I disconnected cameras, the awards came after the panic attack, I felt something like this during Mango's 20th Birthday Concert but when I got up and went to the place, I felt like I never landed from the feeling that the contact person shares.

The star really did not know it

Victoria, who has been tired of Paul's recent support, does not deny that the spouse was simply upset at the Klaipeda Arena.

"Friends said he even fell as he saw the crowd in the arena, and he made a huge impression on him as a" spy talker. "Generally speaking, if you're telling someone to be an English singer, they'll start looking right at you in Google, YouTube – that the person is somewhat famous for the stars, and although it is clear what these stars are in Lithuania, the audience is not a million, not a global one, and I would never starve at all. "

Today, Victoria is delighted that once the "Mango" cases were scattered without hate and hesitation. Otherwise, the group of fans can hardly see them again on stage.

"Rima said that he decided to leave Mango, and Lina wanted to go with her husband at that time in England, I was not angry, but it was extremely annoying that we got to this end, I loved the girls' decision and we really did not get lost. just me that I was the only one who so offend the release of all, I'm usually a wonderful man we have had so many emotions in girls, we have divided our time together from the first day, we were sister's room, and you will not see them anymore, "-. the interviewer will be opened.

According to Victoria, he felt that Mango's life broke off too early.

"But now I think we've decided all at the right time, even though we were very popular, we felt that we needed some kind of dramatic changes so we could push the group further forward so I'm not going to bring it up – my head is on a big stage and does not sing anywhere bar "- squeaky artist.

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