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It is a belief in the BT Sport team at Owen Hargreaves.

The Brazilian has suffered from a frustrated and injured start in her career with La Liga infantry – which only looks 105 minutes – because they took Roma from Barcelona in July for 36.5 million euros.

But the 21-year-old was given the first Champions League game to the San Siro association, scored only two minutes after Ousmane Dembele was leaving.

Mauro Icard's late equalization round prevents Barca from winning in Italy, but betting was enough to close his progress with knockout stages with two games.

Spanish masters are one of the favorites to win the competition despite the decline in the fourth quarter of all the past three years while watching rivals Real Madrid win every season from 2014-15.

Hargreaves agrees that Ernesto Valverde is one of the best teams in the tournament and insists that the Blaugrana has completely earned their bills because of their team's quality.

"Barca is certainly one of the favorites, they can find a way," Ex-Manchester United and Bayern Munich midfielder Hargreaves said the highlights of the BT Sport Champions League.

"There are so many world-class players on this side, [Philippe] Coutinho is peculiar.

"Even Malcom, it's just the fourth season.

"Such an important goal, the results almost immediately after that.

"This guy is a really special player, one-on-one, he's almost unstoppable.

"It was a very important goal for Barca."

Malcolm announced his intention to use his first goal as a springboard that has recently been relocated to Chelsea.

It has been argued that Barca could even look to take Willia unlike because he was interested in the Brazilian in the summer before signing Malcom.

Former Bordeaux striker told Mundo Deportivo: "Barcelona was the dream I had a child.

"I will show you in the Champions League and score as a goal, to spend with my family. My dream begins in Barcelona, ​​my dream is to make history and do good things.

"I have to thank the group of trust, I want to play more, every day in the school so I can show that I have the quality to be in this group."

Barco's place at the last 16 guaranteed time Malcom wants to play PSV at Nou Camp this month.


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