Saturday , July 24 2021

In fashion news: Drew Barrymore's brutal cosmetics line comes to Australia

Come in January 2019, Australian beauty lovers will finally be able to get hold of Drew Barrymore's cruel and affordable cosmetics line Flower Beauty. Available in both online and over 300 Chemist Warehouse stores across the country. The cosmetics range includes all liquid lipstick and illuminating enhancement tools for beauty towels and various make-up brushes. So make sure you keep your eyes covered. New Year's flower pot is something you do not want to miss.[[[[fashion Arrived]

Only three years later, in the French department store Carven, Serge Ruffieux has abandoned his role as a creative leader. The news comes five months after the brand was bankrupt in May 2018 before the new owner, Icicle, bought it. "Serge Ruffieux, Carven's creative director since February 2017, leaves the house after three days of work for hard work and dedication," said a press release announcing Ruffieux's departure. "The house to thank him for their creative contribution and co-operation, he was in charge of women's clothing and accessories.." The creative director has since been taken by Instagram praise label writing by writing: "I have called for over the last 18 months Carven great gratitude joukkuistani; ads, studios and ateliers I wish the house for the best. . "[[[[fashion Arrived] has announced that it will launch an exclusive capsule collection, with British shrimp brands coming on November 14th. The collection collection consists of three Antonian pouches and hair clips that come in three different colors: ruby ​​red, emerald green and sapphire blue. "The idea came from the concept that Antonian's bag is the extension of your jewels, and the beads are at the core of the brand, I think it would be appropriate to introduce other imitation gemstones," said shrimp designer Hannah Weiland. We know what we will add to this holiday season.[[[[fashion Arrived]

Burberry's unprecedented celebration campaign, the official British premiere of the British fashion house, has uncovered its star-shredded photos. Actors like Kristiina Scott Thomas, Matt Smith, MIA, Naomi Campbell and her mother, Valerie Morris-Campbell, have followed Riccardo Tiz's debut collection for Burberry in the footsteps of previous campaigns Cara Delevingne, Sienna Miller, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Sir Elton John. Photograph artist Juno Calypso shot and photographed, the campaign will be announced on November 13 – just in time for the holiday season.[[[[fashion Arrived]

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