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Seventeen hip-hop units talk about their role, group dynamics, fun facts and more

SEVENTEEN’s hip hop unit looks like a charismatic modeling for W Korea magazine!

In an interview that followed photography, with S.Coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu, and Vernon, members of the hip-hop unit spoke about the release of SEVENTEEN’s latest album; [Semicolon]. “

SEVENTEEN’s previous album “Heng: garæ” surpassed the 1.06 million share subscription and eventually earned the group the title of “million seller” with an impressive first week of sales. Wonwoo commented, “Instead of the volume of album sales, we need to deliver our message to more people first and foremost. Of course, more people need to listen to our music so that our message reaches more people.” Mingyu added: “This is a message from our album, but that doesn’t mean we’ll rest when you make the record.”

When asked what kind of articles members wanted to see after the release of the released album, S. Coups chose: “Live like SEVENTE” and Vernon suggested, “Are we living at seventeen?” as article titles.

Mingyu explained that a scene in the music video where members make toast on their beer glasses was filmed with members sitting at different heights, causing members sitting in lower seats to soak with beer. S.Coups explained, “I was one of those people baptized with beer. I switched to another outfit, but I still smelled beer everywhere. I didn’t even drink a sip!”

At seventeen in a close relationship, Vernon revealed that members were alternately noisy. He said, “A member who doesn’t feel right might be down and think, ‘Ah, they’re too noisy,’ but the next day that member is the noisiest. That’s why we can’t make ourselves say, ‘You’re too loud’ to each other easily.” Mingyu added that since the members had seen each other for almost 10 years, it was hardly different from how long he knew his family.

Members also talked about the difficulty of getting 13 members and said that not all of them can drive one lift at a time and that the waiting rooms are still too full for them. S.Coups mentioned that Jeonghan always found a nice place to lie down, and Vernon added, “It’s all or nothing. If you’re next to Jeonghan, you get a nice place or you get your place stolen.”

S.Coups also said their dormitory was surprisingly quiet compared to the past. However, members revealed that agreeing on what to eat was still difficult.

Mingyu explained the reason for staying on the team at 5pm due to members communicating despite their very busy schedule. Wonwoo chose strict discipline during his internship, and S. Coups explained that Dino worked hard to create a pleasant atmosphere as the youngest member.

Wonwoo shared: “. I’ve changed positively thanks to the members of movements are not slow, but they usually do not use unnecessary energy inertia also has beauty Because I use little energy, I have a better resistance than other members of the…”

S.Coups also spoke about his position as a leader. He shared, “I tend to be involved. In the midst of mine is in my opinion just forget that I am a leader. After all, I am also only one person seventeen members. “The advantage of being a leader S.Coups revealed that self-presentation was easy because he did not have any other words to describe themselves Vernon added.” It’s part for which I am most jealous of. “

Members also shared Miscellaneous information about themselves. S.Coups commented, “Vernon has improved to act cute.” He asked, “Where in the world do you learn to act cute?” Vernon replied: “I have learned through comics. S.Coups enjoys golf these days. He practices his golf swing anytime, anywhere. “

Mingyu revealed that Wonwoo recently received a tan, and Wonwoo revealed that Mingyu gets muscles more easily during exercise compared to other people. Vernon added that he himself, Mingyu, and Woozi were the best at bench press, load lifting, and squatting when they all lifted about 300 pounds (about 661 pounds). He added: “Woozi is definitely strong. His posture is stable and he will lift 5-10 pounds (about 11-22 pounds) more.”

Finally, S.Coups revealed that he wanted SEVENTEEN to be a group that will continue advertising for a long time. He shared: “It doesn’t matter what the decisions are [the members] I respect it because it is their decision, but I want to continue with them, and I will lead the way to make this happen. “

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