Friday , June 18 2021

Shrek reboot becomes "Minions"

The parent company, which owns Illumination, bought Dreamworks (which made the original Shrek movies) to $ 3.8 billion in 2016, which is why they use it. And it's not like in bad hands – it's the teams behind Despicable Me, The secret of pets, To sing and Minions, as does the Grinch restart, which will come later this year. I love the restart, so they do.

Meledandri also add:

"In this world is a huge fun fun, but it's a great bar to find a story that is really the world.

"You want to find something in a story that really feels like a starting point."

Good luck with it, guess. Shrek is great so they have a tough load to live, and we would all like another good one sub-pair – an adjective that unfortunately can be used to describe the majority of re-launch over the years.

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