Thursday , March 4 2021

The umbilical frame jewelry is an accessory that you did not see coming

Forget letter necklaces or monograms Phone cases, umbrella jewelery has arrived and is a personal accessory trend you did not see coming.

The Avantgarde look makes moms keep their neonates close to jewelery where the umbilical cord is placed around the neck.

When the umbilical cord remains, there are remaining pieces on the baby stomach, which usually falls within 7-21 days of birth. The little one that falls away is a fabric made of unique jewelery.

Rather than let go of the atmosphere, the gemstone in Florida, Ruth Avra, decided to create a way to make precious motherhood valuable memories forever.

The thought came to him when he and his best friends were welcome at about the same time.

"I put both strains next to each other on the table. The assassins hit and I had a plan," Avra ​​told reporters New York Post.

"It (jewel) represents the relationship between the mother and the child because it is literally a physical link between you and me."

Avra creates the pieces by a process called a lost cast iron, a metal casting method where the molten metal is poured into a wax pattern that later melts and is emptied.

The result is stylish jewelery that can be bought online designer website just under $ 300.

An innovative trend has caused somewhat sartorial blend of social media.

"As you move through your FB feed and you see one story that snake chains are turning to jewelery, you know that you have enough internet for the day," commented one Twitter user.

"Needle chain jewelery? Not just, no.

But others do not seem to get enough.

"Amazing stuff you are doing Ruth," commented the Instagram user.

"How can I buy one, I saved the cover," exclaimed another Instagram enthusiast.

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