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Who is Tenshin Nasukawa? Floyd Mayweather's next opponent was profiled before the return fight

You can blame Floyd Mayweather for having many things, but there is no predictability for them. The unbeaten boxing board is upsetting the fighting spirit by announcing that her next opponent is the Japanese Kickboxing feeling at Tenshin Nasukawa Riz 14 in Saitama, New Year's Eve.

The Monday announcement has revealed a relatively unknown 20-year international scene, but only who Nasukawa and how much threats he sets to Mayweather?

Independent looks at the latest man who hopes to find the first mistake in Mayweather's unbeatable professional record:

He's a fighting miracle drug with a deadly force

Mayweather shaking hands Nasukawa At a press conference in Tokyo (REUTERS)

Nasukawa may be young enough to become Mayweather's son, but he has been fighting for a long time. His father wrote him in a karate class at the age of five to make discipline. He then took a kickboom while he was still in elementary school and was a veteran over 100 games when he turned professional at age 18 and gained a magnificent amateur record at 99-5.

In addition to his karate skills, Nasukawa also has a deep understanding of Muay Thailand when he is practicing and battling Thailand from a young age. His command and mix of disciplines has twisted him as a very complete and dangerous fighter capable of defending all forms of attack and fighting devastating power and precision.

Great knock-on wins with the former IBF world champion Amnat Ruenroeng and Lumphin Stadium, Muay Thai Master Wanchalong, while another teenager brought him to the wider battle of the audience and became the "Rizin Fighting Federation" face of skill, charisma in the ring and aggressive style.

His kick-off record at this time is 27-0, 23 knockouts. He is 4-0 in the OCT. All his professional combat has been organized in Japan and he is primarily fighting for Tokyo.

He is pretty much smaller than Mayweather …

Mayweather talks about his latest fight (AP)

Standing nearly three inches shorter than Mayweather's only 5ft 4in, Nasukawa is classified as Kickboxing circles as a bantamweight (he is ranked No. 8 at world

Mayweather's latest battles have come to welterweight, and he has never fought lower than super featherweight, which means Nasukawa drops about 11kg to his more experienced opponent.

He believes that foreigners are there

Nasukawa is an interesting sign. In an interview with's "The Underground" last year, if he believes he has life on other planets, he replied: "Certainly, life outside the country will surely be, I believe they were here before us."

He also chose the cockroaches as an animal he would most like, because "their ability to survive is very high" and when asked to reveal something about him that people would never appreciate, he did not betray: "I'm afraid easy."

She's ready to pack Mayweather

Mayweather clap like Nasukawa pointed out at a press conference (AP)

The precise rules of the New Year's battle must still be handed down and of course they are decisive in determining the winner. But if Nasukawa is limited to throwing punches rather than kicks against Mayweather, he believes in his success, where so many elitists have failed in front of him and pierce through the blatant blasts of the seemingly inaccessible guard of the American.

"It was a surprise bid, but I did not hesitate," he said at a press conference announcing the fight. "It's the biggest moment in my life and I want to be a man who changes history. Let's make these arrows in one go – just watch."

His younger sister is also a kickboxer … and he is good

Tenshin Nakusawa may not even be an average fighter in his family. His younger sister, 16-year-old Riri, is also a highly regarded young kickboxer who won his first professional match for his 18-year-old opponent in June when he lost 30-3 of his amateur career. He fights next in Rise 129 on November 11.

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