"Avengers 4": The movie could take more than three hours Lights | cinema


Movie premiere "Kostajat 4"is still a long way from moving the card, but its fans can not look for secrets if they want.

After success Marvel Studios in "Kostajat 3"Their leaders did not want to reveal much, but they published information on how long the post would last.

This question was answered by the film director Joe Russo, who provided a live Q & A with his Instagram account.

"Duration"Avengers 4 & # 39; It's currently three hours so we'll see if it's still there, but now it's three hours, "Russo explained.

So far, this is the only clear information for everyone "Kostajat 4"Remember, even before, leaders Joe and Anthony Russo sat on the Collider site to discuss the project, and there were both who said that if it lasted for 3 hours, that would be it.

"I would say that it could easily be a three-hour movie, but I think you know that we have a very difficult materials and we want to play at a certain pace. I am confident that we will continue it," Joe said. "I think it's longer than Avengers 3," Anthony added.

There is a lot missing in May and very little is needed Marvel Studios He has a clear plan for a movie that is still being discussed. So, in advance, the video has not been shown yet. "Kostajat 4"would arrive on a large screen on May 3, 2019.


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