Saturday , July 31 2021

Bernardo, the President of the Regional Council

36 votes in favor and six abstentions of the local deputies of the congress, Bernardo González Garza Monterrey, municipal councilor responsible for the municipality for 60 days, whereas extraordinary elections are held for the election of mayor.

It takes six days for legislators to reach agreement and appoint González after leaving Alberto Palominon, Director of Sinergia Deportiva.

Early in the day, Bernardo González presented a report on the security issue at the local congress and joined the Government Secretary General Manuel González.

However, it was not until 7.30 am after the Management Committee continued its permanent session and approved by a majority vote under the chairmanship of the current Council Minister for Finance.

Shortly thereafter, the question was sent to a plenary session, where Citizen Movement refused to nominate and demanded that everything be left at the last minute.

The coordinator of the aforementioned group, Luis Donaldo Colosio, criticized the fact that the adopted opinion had produced simulations and regulations, but he did not respond to his allegations.

"The final result of this statement was the result of a simulation of last-minute simulation or setting-up, after a long discussion of many days, proposals, dialogue, consensus, ultimately at the last minute and after unanimous consensus more than once, I have to pass this last list" he said.

PRI President Francisco Cienfuegos defended González's appointment by ensuring that he was a person who seriously takes over the wires of the municipality and exercised impartially in an extra electoral process.

"We ask that there is a seriousness that there is a vocation for someone to have the commonalities and that he can build in an objective manner what Monterrey's people are asking for," he said.

Correspondingly, Coordinator of the National Coordinator Carlos de la Fuente stressed that they agreed on the proposal because Bernardo González is a profile that breaks out of the electoral process and gives legal certainty to Monterrey residents.

"We want people to serve, and the Council does not focus on the electoral process, hopefully and we all agree with this Administrative Commission proposal," he said.

After approval, local congressman Marco González appointed a special commission to receive and take the protest to Bernardo González as the new president of the municipal council.

Finally, the President of the Congress gave instructions to Bernard that at 10 am Cabildo de Monterrey a delegation delegation would be sent to the other members of the Council.

Some members of the Council are: Liliana Flores Benavides, the first member of the syndicated council; María Algeria Puente Rodríguez, Fifth Prime Minister's Office; Ranulfo Martínez Valdez, sixth municipal deputy representative; Edgar Romo García, tenth second vice-chairman; and Greece Benavides Flores, the twenty-eight local councilor of the Alderman. *

A full list of members of the municipal council can be heard

Promises openness

When Bernardo González Garza protested as the chairman of Monterrey City Council, he offered openness.

According to González Garza, he resigned from the State Public Security Secretariat at about fourteen days and repeatedly repeated that he did not know what the Deputy Chief of Staff or deputies suggested to him for this two-month mandate.

On the other hand, he announced that he would meet each of the current municipal secretaries in order to decide later on who is staying and who will leave.

He also said that one of his commitments is that the extraordinary electoral process on 16 December will be carried out extremely calm.


Following the withdrawal of the Monterrey elections, the local congress appointed Genaro Garcia as mayor of the mayor for 24 hours.


The Government of the Commission announces that the new elections will be on 16 December.


The state declares its control over Monterrey.


The EEC requested extraordinary elections of 44.7 million pesos.


Genaro García announced that the municipality acted normally.


The minority share required PRI and PAN to block the situation.


Bernardo González is appointed by the legislator as chairman of the Council.

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