Wednesday , March 3 2021

Carambola is registered in Puerta Santa Fe; is dead 9

On Wednesday night the carambola was registered of 12 vehicles on the Mexico-Toluca motorway, near Puerta Santa Fea; emergency services for the injured.

The main authorities confirmed nine deaths of cannon miles of 14.5 Mexico-Toluca highway Álvaro Obregón.

Chief of Police Chief, Raymundo Collins, coordinated with the Rescue and Medical Emergency Squadron (ERUM) staff, the Yaqui Sector and the Under-Secretary of State for Traffic Control work together with emergency services to participate at least 40 people at the place.

It was found that eight of the dead are men and one woman.

Observations continue at the airspace of the three Ciandores clusters.

To date, more than 20 injured and about 12 cars have been reported.

Mexico City Information Security Center for Public Security He urged motorists to drive the federal state of Mexico – Toluca.

"Emergency services go to the # MexicoToluca engine at a height of km 14 + 800 / rollover. # Alternative Federal Highway # MexicoToluca, reported on Twitter.

The local agency added that the rotation is closed near the accident.

"The release of Camino Santa Fein Belén is still closed, # AlternativaVial #Constituyentes and Antigua Via a Venta," he announced.


Even work rescue after the accident, The Mexican City General Criminal Office started a inquest for of homicide for vehicle traffic.

According to preliminary data, 12 injuries have been identified and can be altered during the emergency groups' attention.

The accident happened miles from Mexico-Toluca Motorway, Puerta Santa Fe's altitude, Mayor of Álvaro Obregón, Colonia Carlos A. Madrazo, where the trailer hit several vehicles presumably after braking.

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