Sunday , January 17 2021

Chivas receives the full salary of Oribe Peralta

Salvador Necochea, a representative of Oribe Peralta, assured that the arrival of the attacker in Las Chivas is not a betrayal of America and that the Jalisco team pays 100 percent of the Mexican attacker's salary, even though he did not confirm that Águilas received anything in return.

"Oribe arrives two and a half years, one chance, and all pay is paid to Chivas. There is confidentiality between the clubs in other expressions. I don't see the deception, because betrayal doesn't give the maximum, doesn't talk head and go out of the back door. With America he gave 100%, and nobody can blame him for not running until the last moment he was in the team, he said in a telephone interview. ESPN AM.

In the same way, he admitted that Chivas was the first convergence with the player, and this decision motivated the national assailant because he would take up this challenge in the best possible way according to the weight of all the media involved.

"Chivas took the first step to make this operation possible. It was not easy. It was not such a quick negotiation. I noticed it with great peace. He understood the coming power and saw what was born. Yes, it was important in America, but we already saw the change, he repeated.

Finally, Necochea, who has known Oriel for two decades, said he would want Peralta to be Chivas's leader and that the sports theme was the main reason for his arrival in the flocks.

"Sports was the most important aspect. I see Oriben, who lasted several years in the Americas to the highest level. This opportunity arises from a complex challenge, as in the past. Oribe is excited about the adrenaline of change. I'd love to be a nine and a scorer. It's not a division or a capricious element. it would be "nine" by Chivas, "he decided.

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