Monday , August 2 2021

Luis Suárez asks Dembelé to "focus" and be "more responsible"

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Uruguay international and FC Barcelona Luis Suarez believes his teammate Ousmane Dembele should "focus a bit more and be responsible in some areas" because footballers are "privileged".

"I do not think he has adapted to Barcelona because his relationship with his teammates is best" and he looks happy ", Suarez said at a press conference before the friendly match between France and Uruguay on Stade de France on Tuesday

However, Suarez must own the footballer's life "is a privilege for every player", so "we need to focus a little more and be more responsible in some respects," he said.

Uruguayan striker added that a young Frenchman is a young player with many people "who must be an example for their professionals", which "helps to continue learning".

Suárez also claimed that Dembelen was trustworthy in his chances because "he deserves to be there".

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He denied that the Tuesday match will be the last world championship in which France broke Uruguay quarterfinals, but he hoped that it would be a meeting that would bring spectators to enjoy.

"It's not cheap at all, this is friendly and the conditions are different, the teams came in various emotional games, we came from losing Cavani," which he defined as "different player".

"We beat France as any other elite, we have great respect for all of us, we know how low we have to make other substitutes," he said, referring to Uruguay's calling for this meeting.

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