Monday , April 12 2021

Microsoft launches Xbox One X white in the UK

As of 2017, Xbox One X, the world's most powerful console, is available in most markets on a black model. In Japan, the console is offered in an attractive white model, as is offered in a bundle Fallout 76, which does not make it so easy to make this model. Fortunately, it seems that Microsoft has noticed that this Xbox One X has a good reception and today announced that this model arrived in the United Kingdom.

Today, the official Xbox sites in the United Kingdom announced the arrival of 1TB Xbox One X Robot White Special Edition on Xbox Play Pass and Xbox LIVE Gold's 3-month order totaling $ 449, $ 573. . Excluding the exclusive model launched in Japan, this is the first time this model is offered for sale in a simple package containing only a console. After announcing that the model arrives in the United Kingdom, fans' expectations about the potential arrival of the package to other markets have increased and it is expected that its availability will expand slightly in different countries.

What do you think of the white Xbox One X model? Do you want this package to reach America?

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