Tuesday , August 3 2021

Volatility will continue at the end of the year, says Biva

Manager Institutional stock markets (Biva), María Ariza, said that financial market volatility continues due to the relevant internal and external circumstances: "TWe have a complex international framework that affects the market during the rest of the year"He stressed.

In connection with the ceremony of the Council of State's storage books Real credit, which was held on Monday, the government noted that, despite the complex environment, there is still interest in different companies look for funding from the stock market.

"Companies are also committed to volatility, so we expect more emissions in the agricultural, technology, real estate, logistics and financial sectors, including Sofomes," he said.

The directive has announced this Biva has maintained various approaches with the next government transition group, whose purpose was to cooperate with the extent of its capacity: "We had a few very productive and constructive meetings […] ofwe have set at your service to help what Biva can strengthen our economy"He said.

At Crédito Real's loan placement, he explained that Biva will continue to support small and medium-sized companies as it is committed to the integration of the financial and equity markets.

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