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What you should and what should not be bought in El Buen Fin 2018

In Mexico, it is customary to cover offers for months without interest.

MEXICO CITY .- This year Good End will be held from 16 to 19 November. According to Statistics Finland and Geography (Inegin), the most important payment methods were months without interest (59.3% in commercial stores and 42.7% in service shops).

In addition to knowing whether discounts on some products are favorable, this type of sale will be saturated with months without interest. But not everyone is worth buying on credit and paying it for one year or more.

The founder of Freddy Domínguez says that the first rule of thumb for months is that "the service or product life is longer than the time to pay".

FIG. 1

For example, if it's a Christmas holiday for 12 months, it is not viable because it is still paid after using the service.

For a very obvious reason this is not recommended "psychologically you think that you pay something you've already experienced," commented Domínguez.

With the common sense of getting months without interest, it is recommended that "Service or product is longer than a month without interest."

It is worth purchasing stocks or durable products such as a washing machine, tumble dryer, refrigerator, computers or even a car.

The useful life of the products is much better than the time it takes to pay for a month, "explains's founder.

FIG. 2

The recommended thing is that it must be proportional to the time that good lasts.

It is recommended to have it for 12 months, but 48 is no longer because the technology is aging very fast.

Any recommended amount consumes?

In this regard, Freddy Domínguez is very specific "The most important thing is to know what you need and what not … it may sound very obvious, but you have to ask yourself whether it is sensible to buy it."

The entrepreneur points out that the other rule of thumb offered in the offer is:

Monthly issues without interest, in any case, payment of debts may not exceed 30 percent of the monthly income. "

Figure 3

Offers that are not bids

In Mexico, it is customary to cover offers for months without interest. An easy way to know if discounting is reality is to compare prices. In any case, what you can use is to buy in months, even if the product has the same price as your lifetime.

In this case, useful consumption can be made, especially in electronic and white lines at home. In these departments, it is useful to buy products at very good prices and with deferred payments.

According to Dominguez, the third rule is: "The lack of monthly months may not be bad, you just have to be able to use them".

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