Saturday , September 19 2020
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A huge SMS smuggling campaign is growing on the site


The case has highlighted our colleague, Le Figaro, who show that the new scam is currently targeted at LeBonCoin users. It is a phishing scam that utilizes text messages to make it more credible to victims.


If you use the platform regularly, you probably know that recently it is possible to make payments directly on the site, which confirms the purchase of the product. Blessing cyber criminals who play this novelty to set up scams.

When a user saves an ad, he or she can receive a text message indicating that the prepayment was made directly on the platform to purchase the property. The SMS then returns to the site that takes the color of the original platform, but it is actually the second address "", which gives the user the option to download the latest version of the app on the LeBonCoin smartphone, asking the user to verify the correctness of their bank details by legalizing the invoice for 0.01 €. .

In reality, this handprint is only meant for returning the bank details of the victims. LeBonCoin, on the other hand, determines that the ship will never send text messages to its users, including to validate the prepayment.

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