Wednesday , April 14 2021

a woman complains about a football player

Samuel Eto has been threatened for some time in attacks on social networks. The last one is a woman named Adileuse da Rosaro. The latter accuses the former Cameroonian international representative of not taking his father's 19-year-old daughter to Abidjanshow's colleagues.

Our source tells us that a young woman claimed a complaint from a footballer in Madrid (Spain) before she demanded that she recognize her daughter. After the release of this Cape Verde, the whole network is boiling.

But one of the issues that many observers are asking are waiting for 19 years to choose against a footballer?

Next, the Cameroon attacker, named Erika, supposed daughter would have reacted in turn and claimed the player's paternity.

"I had a father (my mother would have come back from birth, Ed) who was not my dad until I found my dad was a football player, when I saw his pictures, I could not believe it, we are very similar and we have the same gestures", he told the Spanish media ABC before continuing: "I'd like to meet my brothers, because I'm the kind of person to whom the family has so many".

Other sources close to the former Barcelona striker say it is a collection aimed at destroying Samuel Eto's image, especially since Cameroon's footballer has officially expressed support for Paul Biya (85) Cameroon's chief who is looking for seventh term.

With regard to several activists, Samuel Eto has been forced to support the Biya administration instead of the poor and disadvantaged.

At the moment, with all the targets achieved with Indomitable Lions (56 goals in 118 selections), they have not responded to all of these attacks.

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Samuel Eto ': a woman complains about a footballer

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