Ben Simmons continued to mock after the viral video!


While rumors of his departure abound, Ben Simmons continues to work toward recovery. What often comes up? Its a shot, but Internet users are not being fooled. Many have had enough.

It’s hard for fans to escape Ben Simmons ’soap opera for months. The Australian is in the beginninga competitor from a western conference could take the opportunity to apply for it. Unfortunately, the negotiations are complicated, and Daryl Morey dreams of receiving a crazy prize.

But while waiting for the result Simmons must be ready to recover. Whether he picks from the Sixers or not, he needs to be okay to play fast. Therefore, it retains its shape, as this recent video posted on social networks shows.

We can see Simmons pulling a few shots, which frustrates many internet users. In fact, it’s a bit of the same story every year: a video of Sixer shining in a shooting practice, all without doing anything as the NBA season continues. So on Twitter, some got a message.

We stop every year

You know what you do by posting this lol

No one is trapped: educational videos do not represent reality. If Ben Simmons has really improved the shooting, he has to prove it during the season against opponents. Otherwise, the mockery becomes even stronger.


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