Friday , March 5 2021

China, a paradise for online counterfeiting

The perfume "Gogo Chenale", shoes "Ababis" or boxers "Caiwen Rabbit" copied Calvin Klein: despite the efforts of Chinese soldiers e-commerce Alibaba, the organizer on Sunday the largest selling event in the world, always on its platforms.

In the face of US financial sanctions, China will further strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights – an important issue in the trade war between Washington and Beijing.

President Xi Jinping confirmed on Monday his wish for the "strong message" of counterfeiters. And the new law forces fast online giants, including Alibaba, to redeem sites for controversial products.

Like every November 11, the group will arrange date monsters. As the American "Black Friday" event, nicknamed "Singles Celebration" – as the date (11/11) "1" in succession – is an opportunity to increase sales.

Last year, Alibaba booked 24 hours to approximately $ 25 billion ($ 22 billion) in transactions … more than Iceland's gross domestic product.

Today, virtually all smart phones in China, its Taobao application is one of the world's largest e-commerce platforms (634 million monthly active users). But when most of the products sold are genuine, many are counterfeits or imitations.

For example, there are "Ababis" sports shoes, including Adidas logo and emblem. Unbeatable price: 39 yuan (5 euros). Shoes "Balenciaca" pass 128 yuan (16 euros).

– Bags "Long Chang" –

The site is packed with counterfeit Louis Vuitton handbags, sold for 118 yuan (15 euros). Companion Longchamp is not spared: copies of his flagship nylon bags are bought for a similar price under the "Long Chang" badge.

The Lacoste fake polos can be found at 68 yuan (9 euros) with a fully embroidered crocodile mark.

In the streets of Beijing, consumers recognize AFP's difficulties in separating the real mistake. "I really do not see the difference," said a 26-year-old man in front of a short "Caiwen Rabbit". "It looks real, it's original".

"I could buy it", in front of the 37-year-old Wang Yu "Lepin" building game (copied to Lego) and ransacked the "Star Wnrs" (sic) 15-yuan saga sold ($ 1.90). "I think all the products are copying," he says. "It does not bother me as long as it suits children, but provided it is of a good quality."

The liqueurs have "Jack David" whiskey. Or wines from the Bordeaux, but the dubious names that flourish ersatzia more than the Medoc vineyards: "Freedom Heart", "Bravespirit", "Dragon Were General", red, which boasts "French text … All sold under 2, 50 Euro TTC bottle.

In the second half of 2016, the United States re-invested Taobao on its blacklisted "well-known market" for the sale of counterfeit goods and infringement of intellectual property rights.

According to the European Union Office for Intellectual Property (EUIPO), counterfeiting would cost 434 000 jobs in Europe and EUR 60 billion annually.

In his statement to AFP, Alibaba claims that its intellectual property protection methods are the best in the industry and say they are "constantly looking for ways to improve them".

– "Pure Hypocrisy" –

The group claims to have done 48 cases of counterfeit dealers last year.

"One of the two companies is a victim, they have enormous costs to fight this scourge, which can reach 10 percent of their turnover," says AFP Delphine Sarfati-Sobreira, CEO of Paris. Unifab, bringing together anti-counterfeiting industries.

"SMEs are often hurt because they do not have the right budget to organize themselves and defend themselves, they face the difficulties that sometimes push them to give up or even the worst foreclosure."

But impunity may soon end. The new Chinese law on e-commerce will come into force on 1 January 2019. It will make web giants responsible for counterfeiting on their platforms.

"Responsibility for sites is pure hypocrisy," however, but believes that Hubber Ricard, an export consultant from "La Guyennoise", has five million bottles in Bordeaux annually in China.

According to him, some of the central and eastern provincial authorities are "very often part of the production and distribution of wine copies."

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