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Ford recycles plastic bottles into vehicles


For 20 years, Ford Motor Company has been committed to producing environmentally friendly auto parts …

Thanks to its process, the American manufacturer is able to convert the waste … for the protection of the chassis, but also for the wheel arches of the vehicles. "The chassis protection is an important part of the vehicle; if it were built of rigid plastic, it would probably weigh three times more than a soft plastic shield," said Thomas Sweder, engineer engineer at Ford Motor Company.

This initiative has since enabled worldwide recycling of at least 1.2 billion bottles annually, averaging around 300 bottles per vehicle.

"For example, every EcoSport carpet set, Ford's small SUV, is made of 470 recycled plastic bottles. Since Ford launched EcoSport in 2012, more than 650 million 500-ml bottles have found a new life – at least 8,262 tons of recycling bottles worldwide," says Newsletter.

The process is simple. Waste plastic bottles are collected and ground into thousands of small pieces. They are usually sold to suppliers who process them by melting and pressing them into fibers. These fibers are then mixed with other materials in a well-defined process before being converted to plastic sheets and used to make certain auto parts.

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