Sunday , April 11 2021

Research from the area where Gianni Infantino comes from, and two other key classes

In the case of combining FIFA with Swiss justice, the three key categories, including Gianni Infantino, are from the same region, east of the Canton of Switzerland. Proximity that fosters speculations on mutual service sales.

BRIGUE, VIEGE (Sui) – The Bortelhorn Magnificent (3 185 m) is acquainted with the Gampel-Brig River in the Rhine valley of Switzerland near the Italian border. Twenty kilometers separates these two small towns from the valley in canton Oberwallis, from the German-speaking area. A small ring, but in close contact with FIFA's history for twenty years. Sepp Blatter, his former president (1998-2015), is Visp (German) where the town school is his name and where Mayor Niklaus Furger is also the Prime Minister's "Seppi". Visp is located ten miles west of Brig (Brig), the home town of Gianni Infantino (48), his successor to the World Body, who was elected in February 2016.

The first lawyer in Upper Valais, Rinaldo Arnold, a young friend of Infantino, lives in Brig. And Arnold is himself a friend of André Marty, MPC's prosecutor's office. Marty, a former Swiss television reporter who started his career Walliser Bote, the daily Haute-Valais, which grew in Gampel, a little further down the valley.

Forced retirement, Blatter (82), who plans to take advantage of this worry (see also), watch this interior with fun. "These three people are the link of the Upper Light, he will launch. I, I'm the fourth, but certainly not three other friends! " Recent alerts of football streams have revealed the suspicious links of this triple connection, which share roots and serve each other. Thanks to the relationship between Arnold and Arnold and Marty, Infantino received privileged access to MPC and its director Michael Lauber, who is responsible for FIFA's proceedings in the Swiss Public Prosecutor's Office.

They secretly met twice in the spring of 2016 just after Infantino had chosen the thing …

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