Seizure of drug-drone Sebta, arrested merchant


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September 26, 2021-12.40 – Company – Posted by: SA

Fnideq police teams managed to seize a drone that was transporting large quantities of Rivotril tablets to Sebta. In addition, a person with links to an international psychotropic drug smuggling network was arrested.

The operation was carried out last Friday after the drone’s activities had been more closely monitored in the area bordering the town of Sebta (Oued Addaouiate). As a result, the main suspect of the network involved in the psychotropic drug trafficking was arrested. Fnideq police prevented an attempt to smuggle 16,200 Rivotril tablets that the defendant had received on the plane.

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Defendant and his accomplices drone large quantities of “Rivotril” tablets, commonly known as “Bola Hamra”, which were taken by robbers. Assabah. Following the arrest, the alleged smuggler was arrested for investigative purposes under the supervision of the Prosecutor’s Office.

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