The NGO TIBU Maroc presents its achievements and action plan for 2022-2025


The NGO TIBU Maroc, which uses the power of sport to design “social and innovative solutions in the field of education, social and economic inclusion of young people and women through sport”, presented its achievements in 2020, its action plan 2022-2025 and vision 2030 in Casablanca on Saturday.

At a press conference, TIBU Moroccan Founding President Mohamed Amine Zariat presented the achievements of this organization, which spans the field of youth education and integration through sport in the UK, and confirmed that some 250,000 young people and women have benefited from NGO programs focusing on education, vocational integration and social inclusion. through sport.

For him, “TIBU’s vision for 2030” to become the driving force for sport in Africa’s development.

“Our organization is more than ever committed to promoting and achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 and Agenda 2063, which joins Africa. Building a strong continent through its youth requires the emergence of innovative, realistic and impactful intervention models, ”Mohamed Amine Zariat says in a press release.

“At TIBU, we strongly believe in the power of sport as a tool to bring solutions to important social issues on the continent,” assures its president. And explains in this regard that the organization’s vision puts young girls, immigrants, refugees, people with disabilities, unemployed youth and women at the forefront, with the goal of “bringing a thriving generation, brilliant and capable” to the complexities of the 21st century ”.

Returning to the TIBU Morocco Action Plan 2022-2025, Mohamed Amine Zariat explained that this plan includes a series of “pioneering and structuring programs, including several African countries”.

These programs, which he presented in detail, relate in particular to the organization of Global Sports Entrepreneurship Week (11-14 November 2021), “second chance schools – a new generation – focused on sports professions”, the introduction of sports education centers and the opening of new centers, and initiatives. launching for girls and women in sport, in addition to an incubator focusing on education and health through sport, for the benefit of associations.


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