Sunday , April 11 2021

The student's answer. They are treated according to Amzaz

The subject was not in the menu of yesterday's oral questioning on Monday, but it was inevitable! Saaid Amzaz, Minister of Education, had to explain the GMT + 1 question in response to the ending of the movement, entitled "The authenticity of the Modern Times in the House of Representatives.

Amzazi assured that the regional school academies (AREF) have implemented important communication campaigns for schools to ensure students' safety and comfort.

And recalls that the ministry had decided to give the AREF leaders by defining the most appropriate formula according to the specific features of each region.
This decision is explained by the proximity of regional specialties and academic leaders to teachers, students and their families, adding that just after the summer his department interacted positively with families.

As for some of the students' demonstrations in the summer time, the minister said that people outside the education system encourage students not to participate in classrooms and go to the street, inviting parents and teachers to supervise the students.

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